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Tilswall Blower and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Home

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$69.99 - $69.99
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  • Blowing and suction, suitable for multi-scenario use;
  • Five blowing nozzles + two hoses, versatile use;
  • Stepless speed regulation design;
  • Safety switch design to prevent accidental contact.

1/Nozzle 13
Nozzle diameter: 13 mm
Used to blow dust Inflate large game pools etc.

2/Nozzle 7
Nozzle diameter: 7.0 mm
To clean the filters

3/Nozzle 3
Nozzle diameter: 30 mm
Used to clean narrow spaces (can be used as a spray can)

4/angled nozzle
Nozzle diameter: 6.0 * 800 (pipe)
It is used to clean dust from OA equipment or
Spaces inaccessible to tools

5/wide nozzle
Nozzle diameter: 6.0 mm (per hole)
Suitable for a large blowdown range

6/clamping valve nozzle
Nozzle diameter: 7.0 mm
Used to inflate/deflate tires and beach balls