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Digital Soldering Station with Precision Heat Control

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The soldering station heats up quickly and efficiently, and the station comes with a high-precision temperature stabilization function. The quick heating time gives you a more efficient workflow, while the precision temperature stabilization function makes sure you get the most consistent soldering experience.



Precise Temperature Control

Our soldering station offers rapid heating, adjustable from 180℃ to 480℃ (356℉ to 896℉). With an integrated PID system and smart transformer, it monitors temperature every 20 milliseconds, ensuring precise control with a minimal ±1°C difference for consistent performance

Advanced Heating Core

Featuring a ceramic heating core, a next-generation heating material, the soldering iron excels in rapid heating and cooling, high temperature stability, and superior mechanical strength. This design enhances welding operations, providing greater flexibility, efficiency, and energy efficiency

Temperature Unit Switching & Compact Design

The soldering station facilitates seamless switching between ℃ and ℉ modes with a simple one-click operation, ensuring real-time temperature display on the screen. The compact design enhances durability, making it well-suited for diverse working environments

Temperature Calibration Flexibility

Tilswall Soldering station maintain traditional CAL calibration modes while introducing innovative and user-friendly calibration methods. Simply measure the soldering iron temperature, then long-press the ℃/℉ button and enter the difference value through the knob

Stringent Safety Certification

Our Soldering station has successfully passed both US ESD and FCC certifications, guaranteeing a secure and stable environment during welding. Our unwavering commitment to product safety and reliability ensures excellent performance for both professional workers and DIY enthusiasts