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Network Cable Tester with Optical Power Meter

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  • Network Cable Tester with 7 Wavelengths Optical Power Meter, PoE Tester with 10mw Visual Fault Locator
  • Optical Fiber Meter with Visual Fault Locator, OPM, Cable Detector, Wire Map, Length Measuring, PoE Testing, Port Flash
  • VFL FUNCTION:Fast flashing, slow flashing, and light on10mW,high precision
  • OPTICAL POWER METER: Automatic identification of fiber frequency6 wavelengths, high precision testing


Anti-interference Network Cable Tester

Adopt advanced digital/analog/POE mode, high sensitivity, less noise interference, easy to accurately locate the target cable, widely used in engineering wiring, network and equipment maintenance

Optical power Meter Test & Port Flashing

Connect the network cable to be tested to the transmitter, the wire tracker will automatically detect the optical fiber frequency and the port indicator will flash on the same screen, which can display the working speed of the port, which is convenient for accurately locating the line and port

Multifunctional Network Cable Tester

There are nine features to meet your needs. Continuity testing, cable scan, port flash, length measurement, POE Power Supply Test, QC testing, optical power meter, VFL function, and NVC function.

Cable Length Test

The RJ45 cable tester can quickly measure the length of the cable with a range of 200m. Not only network cables, but also phone lines and BNC cables.

Long Battery Life + Type-C Charging

Built-in 1500mah 3.7V lithium battery, running time of 10 hours, Type-C charging is more convenient. The flashlight solves the trouble of working in the dark