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Tilswall HVLP Paint Gun 1000 ml/5 Nozzles/3 Patterns 600W Electric Paint Sprayers

Original price $75.99 - Original price $80.99
Original price
$75.99 - $80.99
Current price $75.99
Style: Standard(Plastic container)

The 600W paint sprayer with high-power motor is designed for more efficient work, saving do-it-yourselfers lots of time and getting the job done faster.Premium brass nozzles instead of plastic nozzles, and the optional aluminum bottle is easy to clean and reduces clogging.


Lightweight & Convenient to Use

The lightweight paint sprayer easily operate to accomplish spraying tasks and ergonomic handle design reduces hand fatigue after long time use.Spray gun with removable design makes it easy disassembly and clean

Adjustable Flow and 3 Spray Patterns

Adopt with step-less speed knob design paint sprayer adjustable flow rate range 0-1200 ml/min,0.2-0.5mm/min atomized particles.Electric paint spray gun with 3 adjustable spray patterns (horizontal 45°/ring 180°/vertical 90°).So you can set the perfect parameters for different spraying options

5 Replacement Nozzles

Spray paint machine comes with 5 spray nozzle sizes (1.0 mm/1.5 mm/1.8 mm/2.0 mm/2.5 mm) facilitate spraying to suit different painting needs. We equip you with a completed accessories for easy use and cleaning: 1000ml Paint container, 5 spray nozzle, viscosity cup, cleaning needle, brush ,Paper Filter , sealing gasket

100 Din-s Max.Viscosity

The maximum viscosity is up to 100 Dins for improving the spray effect. The viscosity cup will help you to determine the correct viscosity of paint to be used. Fill the cup to the brim with the paint measuring the amount of time it takes for the cup to empty back into the can

Widely Use

The paint sprayer can make your spray project more extensive, such as interior and exterior, home, furniture, cabinets, fencing, decor, crafts, and more. Suitable for latex, paint, wood and varnish jobs.Perfect for Home improvement and DIY enthusiasts



The following action must be taken after every use:
1.Empty any remaining material from the container.
2.Clean the container thoroughly with the thinner that was used.
3. Pour some thinner into the container and spray through the spray gun until only clean thinner is coming out of the nozzle.
4.Thoroughly clean the paint pick up pipe and filter with thinner.
5.Clean the basket and nozzle and remove any other debris or paint that remains.
6.Regularly clean the machine housing with a soft cloth, preferably after each use.
7.Keep the ventilation slots free from dust and dirt.
8.If the dirt does not fall off, please use a soft cloth soaked in soapy water to clean it.
9.Never use solvents such as petrol,alcohol, ammonia water, etc.These solvents may dam-age the plastic parts