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Our Black Friday Super Deals: Get $30 Off Over $100 ! Code: SALE30
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Hot Melt Glue Gun with 75pcs Sticks

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Tilswall 50w hot glue gun designed for home quick repair, school DIY projects, and office. with 75pcs glue sticks, this glue gun suit for wood, crafts, plastic, fabric, glass, leather and much more. Compact ergonomic design is easy to carry and also suitable for kids when it comes for their handcraft project.

  • 50W & Anti-drip
  • 75pcs Glue Sticks
  • Safe & User-friendly

Hot Melt Glue Gun

Tilswall 50W Hot Glue Gun

Tilswall hot glue melting gun heats up within 3 minutes and keep the temperature 165℃ constant for long. It comes with a 50-watt heating element ( Higher than most mini one) and can accommodate up to 75pcs glue sticks each measuring 5.12 inches. The detachable auxiliary stand and insulated silicone nozzle will keep you protected from heat. LED light mode and easy-to-reach power switch will make less mess of your project.

There are several issues that come into plan when trying to find a best mini hot glue gun. First, you need to know the kind of temperature it operates in as it determines its suitability for the task at hand, second, you need to focus on the wattage which determines how hot and fast the glue will melt. High wattage means it will take the gun lesser time to melt the glue sticks. Third,Thermal insulation also influences the choice of gun. For instance, shell materials such as ABS, Nylon are usually used with a mini hot glue melting gun.

Hot glue gun sticks
Get more glue sticks (130x7mm) for stronger bonding, this glue gun is suitable for all universal glue sticks with diameter Φ7mm, if you need more, it's extremely easy to find extra and replace the glue sticks.

50W & anti-drip
High temperature adhesive bonding + Silicone Sleeve, No degumming, squeeze to create vacuum environment to achieve anti-drip effect, and avoid glue bubbles. 50W widen heating element increases the contact area, only takes 3 minutes for ready and produce 165℃ constant temperature to effectively heat glue sticks without clogging nozzle, be truly drip-proof.

Improved trigger
60,000+ Propulsion, POM & Nylon double combination achieve the goal of mute effect, which brings better using experience.

Safe & user-friendly
Silicon cover on nozzle reduce the chance of being hot to yourself, widen stand provides better stability when you set this glue gun aside, another cool feature is on/off button, you don’t need to pull out the plug frequently, which will be much safer.

Lifetime durability & user guide
This Glue Gun Provides Lifetime Durability. The melted glue is not used up in time, it will flow out due to the inertial pressure of the trigger, which is normal. Use tip: Please slow down to squeeze the trigger to melt the glue stick to achieve better effect.

Tilswall Hot Glue Gun creates its own way!

  • [ 3 Patents Design ] --Anti-drip patent & Anti-scald patent & Trigger Patent
  • [ 50W Working Power & Only 3 Minutes Warm-up Time ]---means melting hot glue effectively & steadily, less waiting time you need to melt the glue
  • [ Cool Color Match ]--Mixed color with calm blue and active orange is not dull, not exaggerated.
  • [ High Temperature Resistance Nylon Shell & Flexible Trigger ]-- assures for longivity use instead of most common ABS one & provides easy handling with the thumb controlled feeder holds adhesive stick securely and gives you more control on glue deliver

 Hot Melt Glue Gun with 75pcs Sticks