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Tilswall Air Quality Monitor, Real-time 5-in-1 Indoor

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Equipped with advanced 5-in-1 infrared sensor technology, this indoor air quality monitor is capable of detecting harmful particles such as carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. With accurate readings of temperature and humidity levels, the indoor air quality monitor provides an easy and reliable way to monitor

Not only does it detect mold spores, but it can also quickly identify increases in carbon dioxide levels, which can be a sign of poor ventilation. With real-time readings, you can quickly take action to improve the air quality in your space and ensure that you and your loved ones are breathing healthy air.

Comes in a sleek and portable design, making it easy to move around as needed. You can use it in various settings such as homes, warehouses, and planting sheds to ensure that the air quality is safe and healthy. Additionally, it is equipped with a CO2 detector and CO2 monitor that can detect hazardous levels of carbon dioxide in the air.