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18V Airless Spray Gun with 5pcs Airless Spray Nozzles Compatible with Makita Battery

Original price $425.99 - Original price $499.99
Original price
$425.99 - $499.99
Current price $425.99
Style: Only Tool

Unmatched Spraying Efficiency: Our advanced air spray gun offers an impressive spraying efficiency that is four times higher than traditional air spray guns and ten times higher than rollers.

Ultra-Thin Coating Capability

With the ability to spray a 30-micron ultra-thin coating, our spray gun allows for precise application while minimizing paint usage. This results in a paint-saving of 20%-30%, reducing costs and waste.

Innovative Tapered Pot Bottom Design

Our spray gun features the first-ever tapered pot bottom design, ensuring there is no paint residue left behind.

Convenient Parts Storage Compartment

 We have incorporated a unique parts storage compartment in our spray gun, allowing you to store up to four additional nozzles. This design ensures easy access to spare parts, saving time and increasing productivity during nozzle replacements.

Enhanced Visibility with LED Lighting

Our spray gun is equipped with a built-in LED lighting system, providing optimal visibility even in low-light conditions

Efficient Heat Dissipation

The large air outlet design in our spray gun promotes efficient heat dissipation, effectively extending the service life of the motor.

Product parameters

Rated Voltage: 18V
Battery Capacity: 2Ah battery *1
Watering Bottle Capacity: 1200mL
Maximum Viscosity: 120din-s
Maximum Spray Volume: 550mL/min
Pressure: 2000psi
Nozzle: 5 nozzles
Spray Shape: horizontal, vertical, round
LED Light Brightness: 180-200lm