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About us

Innovation is the internal driving force of TILSWALL. Building on the idea of creating power tools with a sense of futuristic technology, we are determined to become the promoter of the tool industry. Our product is safer and more durable, more designed, and lighter, allowing you to have a beautiful home. TILSWALL, believe in power.

Building beautiful homes is what drives Tilswall to continue making better products. With their enthusiasm and talent, our engineers, product designers and skilled workers jointly promote technological revolution and clean energy use, to efficiently meet users' different needs such as engineering construction, home improvement, gardening, car repair and maintenance, while contributing to environmental protection and human health. It is our sincere wish to help build beautiful homes with you and for you.

Our mission

To continuously innovate to ensure safety and ease of use for all users, to be environmental friendly, and build beautiful homes for global citizens.

Our vision

To be the pioneer in the innovation of power tool industry.