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Carpet Trimmer with Shearing Guide - Speed Adjustable Rug Shears

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Our carpet trimmer is a new type of 30 teeth steel-ceramic blade combined with the ceramic movable blade, including a curly-wavy coat and long coat design, so the ceramic clipper can easily sculpt the tufted cut pile.

With a carpet trimmer, you may experiment with dimension, add more detail to writing, round corners and edges, and remove yarn snafus. You can change the speed of the carpet trimmer using a dial, and the wood-and-rubber handle provides a comfortable grip for prolonged use.Ideal for small to medium rugs.

This carpet trimmer got 5 adjustable blade distances and a wooden shearing guide. Now you can safely trim your cut pile rugs even if you've never done it before without fearing cutting your primary tufting cloth.

Heavy-duty gears with robust and steady control for a proper, strong cut Without adding extra heat or noise, this dog hair clipper offers significant power and speed. rotary motor with three speeds for professional-level performance.