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5M Tape Measure/40M Laser Rangefinder/Laser Cross-Marking

Original price $42.99 - Original price $80.99
Original price
$42.99 - $80.99
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Style: 1pcs
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Our 3 in 1 infrared laser tape measure includes a laser range finder, 5 meter tape measure and laser cross marking tool. Easily measure high ceilings and other hard to reach areas with the push of a button
  • WITH SELF LOCKING DEVICE: This laser tape measure has a self locking device that automatically locks the tape in position when it is pulled out. It automatically retracts when the unlock button is pressed.
  • ACCURATE MEASUREMENT: The 3 in 1 infrared laser tape measure can be used for measuring base levels, installing construction equipment, accuracy testing, bearing testing, automated inspections
  • WITH DATA STORAGE: The 3 in 1 infrared laser tape measure has a built in storage function. Up to 20 sets of data can be stored. It can be recalled at any time for viewing and storage.
  • CONVENIENT: The product can measure area, volume and ticking in single or continuous measurements. Meanwhile, it has high elasticity and toughness, ABS and TPR shell, anti slip and anti drop.