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2600W Dog Blower Grooming Force Dryer

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  • NOISELESS:  ≦50dB, reduce high-frequency noise to those pets which are more sensitive
  • ADJUSTABLE:  25m/s-50m/s stepless wind speed, 40-70℃ comfortable setting temperature
  • CLASSICAL: Classic cylindrical body design, longer service life, more stable performance



Powerful Performance

Boasting a 2600W motor and a temperature range of 100°F to 158°F, this dog dryer significantly speeds up dog's drying process. The dual-temperature control settings facilitate deep drying of your pet's fur, preventing skin issues caused by dampness

Double Safety Protection

A built-in sensor triggers an automatic shutdown of the pet dryer if the temperature exceeds the set safety range. This ensures long-term use without hidden risks or plastic odors while maintaining a stable temperature output for pet's comfort

Adjustable Wind Speed

Achieve a maximum wind speed of 50m/s, allowing you to adjust the airflow to different furry friends' needs. For thick, long-haired, or larger dogs, high-speed airflow quickly dries their fur from the inside out, while lower speeds ensure a gentle drying experience for sensitive or small dogs

4 Nozzles and Extendable Hose

Equipped with four nozzles: eight-finger nozzle, wide-flat nozzle, narrow-flat nozzle, and round nozzle - you can easily create various styles. Each nozzle meets different requirements, while the extendable hose ensures unobstructed use for hassle-free grooming

Simple Operation

Just connect the hose(can stretch 220cm), and you can start using the dog hair dryer immediately, eliminating complex installation steps. Easy to connect or disconnect the hose, allowing for convenient storage and portability. The anti-scald handle also makes pet care more safe and comfortable