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12 Line Lasers Level,3x360°Horizontal Vertical Cross Line Laser Level Tool

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  • Please avoid exposing your eyes directly to the laser beams, healthier observation with laser glasses
  • The intensity of the laser is affected by strong light, making observation difficult. At night or in darker conditions, the laser becomes clear
  • Don't shake! The pendulum's left and right impacts can affect the accuracy of laser measurements



360° 12 Lines 3D Rotating Laser Level

12 laser lines output for finer positioning, with self-leveling system, flexibility and stability. The 360° rotatable base and equipped with fine adjustment mechanism allows the machine to quickly find the target

Self-check Calibration

Equipped with self-test calibration function, 3° automatic leveling, but if the angle is greater than 3°, the la-ser light will keep flashing to remind you reset them on flat ground

Heights Adjustable Tripod Extension Bar

Made of thick aluminum alloy, firm with fine load, not easy to deform and not easy to break. Three adjustable heights, you can adjust easily according to your demands. Equipped with a spirit level to help you check whether the tripod is horizontal or not

Easy to Use

Turn button design, turn clockwise to open, turn counterclockwise to close.Two touch button design, one button OUT/H, a V button, a horizontal line and a vertical line with a clear division

A Complete Set of Laser Level

1 * Level Machine with Battery, 1 * Replacement Battery, 1 * Base Bracket, 1 * Power Adapter, 1 * Level Machine Carrying Bag, 1 * Guideline, 1*extension bar, 1*extension bar carrying bag(1*wall bracket,1*iron board)