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how to clean a toilet

How to Clean A Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is an unpleasant task. Believe no one likes to do it, but it cannot be avoided if you want to prevent stained inside the toilet bowl, keep your bathroom like new. But with the right toilet cleaning products and the proper method will not only make clean a toilet easily but get perfect results, also save your time.

There is no doubt. The traditional toilet brush takes much more time and effort than an electric spin scrubber brush when cleaning a toilet. Follow this guide, and you’ll get to know how properly clean a toilet.

What toilet cleaning products do you need

Electric spin scrubber brush / Toilet brush

A good toilet cleaning brush will help you remove brown stains from the toilet bowl easily. An electric spin scrubber brush is a great tool that enables you to clean a bathroom quickly. But it is more expensive than a toilet brush, so if you don’t want to invest in the electric spin scrubber brush for the bathroom, you can use the toilet brush instead of with it.

electric spin scrubber brush

Toilet bowl cleaner or vinegar

The toilet cleaner will help you to clean a brown and stained toilet like new. But the cleaner is common with bleach. If you want to clean a toilet environmentally friendly, we recommend cleaning a toilet with vinegar and baking soda.

All-purpose disinfectant spray

The inside of the toilet bowl isn’t the only part where you need clean. You should clean the inside of the toilet and clean the outside of your toilet bowl, toilet tank, toilet seat. And we recommend you clean the brush head with disinfectant spray after using.

Other toilet cleaning supplies

Waterproof rubber gloves, paper towels or rag are also necessary. You may also need to prepare a pumice stone if you plan to clean a very stained toilet bowl.

How to clean a toilet

Everyone uses the toilet every day. If you don’t to cleaning it regularly, it will produce stains or even smells like urine, which means you should be cleaning your toilet bowl as often as possible. And this task may take only about 20 minutes. Follow these 3 steps below will help you clean a toilet quickly and professionally.

1.Clean the inside of the toilet bowl

Wear waterproof rubber gloves when cleaning the toilet. Grab the toilet bowl cleaner, and liberally sprinkle the inside of your toilet bowl, especially apply it around the toilet rim. Let the cleaner rest for 1-2 minutes, then use the electric spin scrubber/toilet brush to clean the inside of your toilet. It would be best to start cleaning the toilet bowl from top to down and always begin scrubbing under the toilet rim.

clean the inside of the toilet bowl

If your toilet bowl has gone brown or even black. Recommend you clean toilet bowl stains with baking soda. To completely remove brown stains from the toilet bowl, you should let the baking soda rest for about ten minutes, and some experts suggest mixing it with vinegar to dissolve toilet stains.

Next, using your brush to scrub thoroughly and rinse. And always keep the brush head inside the toilet bowl while cleaning, especially ensure to get under the toilet rim, then rinse thoroughly.

2.Clean the exterior of the toilet

After clean the inside of the toilet bowl, it comes to clean all of the exteriors of the toilet bowl. You can use rag or paper towels to wipe the toilet tank and handle down. Next, clean the outside lid of your toilet. The toilet seat should wipe down, as well.

Finally, don't forget to clean the entire exterior of your toilet bowl. And to finish up, you might be cleaning up the surrounding area of the toilet bowl where it meets the bathroom floor.

3.Clean your brush

At last, don’t forget to clean your electric spin scrubber brush/toilet brush, spritz the brush head with disinfectant spray, and let it rest for a few minutes, then rinse it with warm water in the shower.

How do you clean a badly stained toilet?

You can clean the toilet bowl following the methods above first. And then start scraping remove the toilet stains with a pumice stone. The pumice stone can help you clean a toilet with hard water stains well. Because the process is a little messy, always keep splashing water on the toilet stains to see how clean the stains are coming.

How often to clean your toilet

To keep your toilet like new and toilet stain prevention, you should clean your toilet regularly. As a general rule, deep cleaning the toilet once a week will be a good idea. However, it depends on the toilet's use frequency and the number of people at your home. Anyway, you’d better clean the toilet bowl as often as possible.

Final words

Daily maintenance is the best way to keep the toilet clean. No one like to clean every day. Indeed, it is an unappealing job, but the task will become easier if you clean your toilet regularly. Otherwise, cleaning it will become difficultly when your toilet comes to brown stains or even black stains.    

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