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How to Use a Hot Glue Gun?

A glue gun is a tool that used for crafts. Initially, it's use by tradesmen to patching soles. But now, there are many purposes of a glue gun, such as small repairs, DIY arts, office projects and sealing. You can use the hot glue gun on plastic, fabric, paper, wood, and more. Couple with the colors hot melt glue sticks, you can even create plenty of different crafts.  

Maybe you are using a hot glue gun for the first time, don’t know how to use a glue gun. Then, the guide will show you how to use a hot glue gun properly, step by step.

What Is a Hot Glue Gun?

It is a tool for processing hot melt glue, and you only press and hold the power switch for a few seconds to start work. They are popular with woodworkers, DIY hobbyists and crafters.

what is a glue gun

How To Use a Glue Gun Step By Step

If you are a beginner, read through the user manual to learn about the different parts of the gun and how they work. The instructions also indicate how long it takes to heat, what size and type of glue stick will be available, and the use of safety warnings. 

Firstly, you should prepare a bright-lit working area and make sure the work surface is flat. Also, keep working area ventilation always; this will help reduce the inhalation of toxic fumes released by overheating the glue stick. To prevent excess glue from damaging your work surface, you’d better prepare a piece of cardboard on it.

The next is to insert a glue stick into the glue gun, plugin the gun’s electric cord into a socket near your working area, and take it to heat up for about 3 minutes and get the temperature up to 165℃.

Then, press the trigger gradually with the nozzle pointing downward to scrap cardboard that you have prepared before to test whether it is available. Practicing a few times until you confirm the glue is flowing freely. 

Ensure any surfaces being free from dust or other sundries. If you are gluing a material surface is polished, gently polish on its surface to make it slightly rougher, gluing them together firmly. 

It’s come to the exciting step, start your gluing projects. Place the nozzle over the surface where you want to glue, apply to pressure to the trigger until coated enough glue on the surface gradually, then position another surface together firmly and ensure they are fully engaged. If there is excess glue on the surface, scrape it off with a knife or scrap cardboard so that you can get a perfect result.

Now, you need to wait for the glue to dry. 

How To Use a Glue Gun For Repairs

How Long Does It Take The Glue To Dry? 

Keep in mind, at least 5 minutes wait so that the glue has enough time to dry. Although most glue should have enough settings for you to move the object you are working on, you’d better allow 30 minutes for the glue to dry.

Use A Glue Gun For Variety DIY Projects

You can use a glue gun on fabric, get funny crafts with the hot glue gun, or even it helps you create amazing 3D objects.

Tips and Advice on Use of Hot Glue Gun

When you finished projects through the above steps, believe you have got the techniques that how to use a glue gun, but there are few tips that you need to note:

  1. When using a glue gun, please don’t place the glue gun on its side or the nozzle upwards; otherwise, the hot melt glue may damage the nozzle. 
  2. After finishing your projects, don’t forget to turn off the power button and ensure the glue gun is unplugged.
  3. If you can, wear protective gloves to prevent your fingers burned.
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