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Wood Moisture Meter, Firewood Moisture Tester

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Instant and Precise Readings: It reads to a depth of approximately 12mm into the slab. Plus, the current reading can be captured via the hold function.
Four Measurements:Easily set the wood species from hardwood to softwood you need to measure. Offers a Relative Moisture Content (comparative) measurement.

➜Tips 1: Why it read 0%: When the wood slab was too dry to register readings,the wood at this moment is an insulator leading to a non-conductive between the two pins.
➜Tips 2: For best results of wood moisture content, Push the Pins deep into the material, Make sure Pins are in contact with the material( wall, wood or hardwood).
➜Tips 3:Pins sense and measure along their full length, so that Pins penetrating a dry material through a wet outer surface can read moisture content.