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Tilswall Tape and Drape, Assorted Masking Paper for Automotive Painting Covering

Original price $10.99 - Original price $68.99
Original price
$10.99 - $68.99
Current price $10.99
Size: 21In x 78Feet
Style: 1pcs
  • Many uses: Lightweight and tear resistant protective film is ideal for automotive paint, equipment coverage and appliance protection. Pre-taped masking film can protect household appliances and furniture from dust and pigment during house decoration or painting. It can also be used as car dust covers, car paint films and picnic mats.
  • Good quality material: High density tape and drape is 0.7 mil thickness, which is made of environmentally friendly PE (polyethylene) material, not easy to scratch, with premium dust-proof effect.
  • Tape fixing: When plastic sheeting is covered, the film will cover the furniture due to the friction between the films. Masking paper on one side of the plastic sheet makes it easy to use even on walls and high cabinets. After fixing the position of the protective film, it will slowly spread the plastic film to cover the object.
  • Convenient design: Roll design for quick and convenient unfolding the film and covering various small appliances. You can cut plastic tape of different lengths according to different items.
  • Dimensions: 21In x 78Feet roll, 35In x 66Feet roll and 70In x 45Feet roll.