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Tilswall Nuclear Radiation Detector, Professional Dosimeter Digital Radioactive Tester with Sound Light Alarm

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This nuclear radiation meter is perfect for precise detection of beta, gamma and x-rays. It can be set to any cumulative alarm value and has a wide range of applications. With its built-in 400mah rechargeable lithium battery, it's convenient and portable. Stay informed and protected with this durable and reliable meter.


High Sensitivity

The nuclear radiation detector adopts professional geiger counter and advanced GM tube as the core sensor, which can accurately detect beta, gamma and x-rays, update every second. Detection range of radiation detector: 0.08~50mSv/hr

Sound and Light Alarm

Whether the personal radiation detector screen is in sleep state or in operation, when the radiation dose detected exceeds the alarm threshold, the geiger counter dosimeter will alarm with a loud sound and a flashing screen. All-round care for you and your family's health

Low Energy Consumption

Built-in powerful rechargeable lithium battery, the nuclear radiation detector only needs to be charged for 2-3 hours, and the display can continue to measure continuously for 50 hours after automatic sleep when working

Pen Clip Design

This geiger counters is sized like a pen, small and convenient, you can clip it anywhere you want. This radiation detectors can provide you with 24-hour comprehensive detection

Wide Range of Applications

This radiation meter widely applied in the environment where existing ionize radiation environment, such as family decoration, radiation shining manufacture enterprises, hygiene, nuclear lab, nuclear station, building materials, petroleum chemical, geology general investigation and others, this radiation dosimeter is the ideal choice for home, hospital, workplace