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Tilswall Network Cable Tester RJ11 RJ45 Line Finder for Ethernet Cable Collation

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  • PROFESSIONAL WIRE TRACKER-Cable hunting could be conducted directly for RJ11 and RJ45 interfaces, while hunting for other metallic conductors could be conducted via adapter.It has a strong anti-interference capacity,a necessary testing tool for telecom engineering personnel, etc.
  • NETWORK & TELEPHONE LINE TEST -Able to detect the sequence of network cable completely.Hunting could be conducted directly when connected to weak current equipment such as Ethernet switch, router of any model.During cable hunting, it is not required to strip the line sheath, which is easy and quick, and could judge the position of line breakpoint.
  • SAFETY GUARANTEE -Non-contact AC voltage detection function,able to detect AC voltage above 48V in a non-contact manner.Confirm that the power supply has no electricity, or with high voltage.
  • EARPHONES & EQUIPPED LAMP-In a noisy environment, you can put on the earphones to accurately find the target cable through comparing the strength of "beep beep" sound.(Adjustable volume)At night or in a dark environment, the illuminating lamp can be helpful during operating.Low voltage hint function.