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Tilswall Industrial Thermal Imaging Device Upgrade 120 * 90 Higher Resolution Pixels

Original price $135.99 - Original price $210.99
Original price
$135.99 - $210.99
Current price $210.99
Style: 120*90px (-10-400℃)
  • It is a device that uses thermal imaging technology to measure temperature and observe the heat distribution on the surface of natural objects.
  • 8 Color Palettes Imaging Modes: Iron Red/White Heat/Black Heat/Rainbow/Red Heat/Lava
  • 5 Image Modes: Edge Fusion Mode/Overlay Mode/Painting within a Painting Mode/Single Infrared Mode /Single Visible Light Mode
  • Infrared resolution: 120*90, 2.8-inch large screen display, picture and video recording function
  • The heat point, cold point, center point in the screen area, the cursor tracks and locks the minimum thermometer and maximum temperature with the movement of the measuring range