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Digital Hanging Crane Scale with Cast Aluminum Case

Original price $55.99 - Original price $60.99
Original price
$55.99 - $60.99
Current price $55.99
Size: 660lbs(300kg)
Color: Blue
  • High Weight Capacity: With a staggering 1100lb/500kg (660lb/300kg) capacity, this hanging scale can effortlessly handle the heaviest loads, making it an indispensable tool for industrial operations, farming chores, hunting excursions, and more
  • Multi-Function And Accurate: Press "UNIT" to switch from "kg" to "lb" to "N". Press "HOLD/TARE" to turn on or off hold readings function for further use. The increment is 0.05kg / 0.11lb / 0.5N. The accuracy is ±0.1%.
  • Portable And Versatile: The hanging scale can be easily transported and used in a wide range of settings. From warehouses to farms, docks to forests, it's your go-to tool for multiple applications. Perfect to be used as livestock scale or large fish weight scale.
  • Premium Quality: Equipped with advanced digital technology, the hanging scale delivers accurate measurements down to the smallest increment, ensuring you have precise data for your tasks. Aluminum body can handle tough environmental requirements. Provided hanging hook can be installed and disassembled effortlessly