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Tilswall Sprayer Extension Pole Double Head 517 Nozzle Tip Painting for Sprayer

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  • Airless Paint Spray Gun Extension Pole has Double Nozzle Head , 12.5inch in one pole length,it can be opened up to 180 degrees which is 21.2inch in length, lightweight and durable, easy to clean.
  • Superior Coverage:This airless spray tip extension has two tips spaced 6 inches apart that deliver a spray fan that's twice the width of a spray gun or single-tip extension.
  • THREE 360° Joints:Airless Paint Spray Gun Extension has three 360° Rotary Joints, you could adjust the angle arbitrarily which greatly improves the spraying efficiency.
  • Save Time:This extension pole got two spray heads which means more space to paint on the wall, you can save half of your strength and time doing your paint job.