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What is the Best Power Scrubber Brush?

Cleaning the room is a tedious thing, believe that no one likes to do this task. Especially when you clean your house with a traditional long hand brush, it's so tired and squanders away lots of times as well. But if you use the power scrubber brush to clean the bathroom, shower, and floors, they will be freeing up your time and energy. 

These power scrubber machines are powerful in cleaning grout, carpet, concrete, tile, kitchen sinks. If you plan to do this, why not invest in a power scrubber brush with a long handle, so you don't need to get down on your hands and knees anymore. Once you get the best power scrubbers to use, you will realize they're hard to resist! 

However, there are various power scrubber brushes you can buy on the market. Which is the best scrubber for your home? Keep reading on, and this guide will talk about the best power scrubber how to choose.

What is a power scrubber?

A power scrubber is an electric cleaning tool designed to make the scrubbing more efficient and fast. They started as a drill brush, which attaches a brush head to the power drill. These drill brush appealed to many of us because no one enjoys manual cleaning the room.

After being refined by manufacturers, the drill brush evolved as a cordless power scrubber. They work by high-speed rotating the brush head when you press a button. These machines are rechargeable and with adjustable extension handle.

What is power scrubber used for?

There are many areas in your home that require deep cleaning regularly. The power scrubber brushes are designed to do it. Most power scrubber cleaning tools are equipped with brush heads that can scrub any place.

Changing to a flat brush head on the electric scrub brush allows you to scrub any flat surface, such as a floor, counter, kitchen, etc. One thing to note, though, is that if you want to use it to scrub the desktop, you need to choose a soft brush head to make sure it doesn't scratch your delicate finish.

what is a power scrubber used for

Round brush heads are ideal for cleaning toilets, and of course, you can use them to clean drains filled with hair or old food. When you change into a round brush, you can also use it to remove gravel and other dirty dirt from the grill.

Bathroom floors, sinks, gutters, toilets, bathtubs, etc., are places that require frequent deep cleaning. Why not use the power scrubber instead of a traditional cleaning brush? It will help you remove tile grout, corners dirt easily and save lots of time.

How to choose the best power scrubber

There are plenty of power scrubber machines that you can choose from on the market. Which is the best scrubber for your home? It depends on what you’ll be working on. If you want to remove the grout from the tile gaps, you should have a small brush for tile and grout cleaning. It would be best to get a large brush head to clean the floors. Luckily, most power scrubber brush generally has a few brush heads for different purposes. To choose the best power scrubber used for the different environments, you should consider some key features.

Brush head

The best power scrubber should include replaceable brush heads. Extra-wide flat brush heads work well for hard floors, tiles, walls, windows, etc. Opposite to the small flat brush heads is great for shower, kitchen, and grill. Of course, the comer round brush is perfect for curved surfaces, bathtubs, sinks, baseboards, or toilets. And the pointed brush for tile grout, corners, cranny, and tight places. So, when you choose the power scrubber brush, you have to think about the attachments of the scrub brush.

brush heads

In addition, you should consider the material and thickness of the brush head. If you want to clean the delicate surface, such as the terrazzo and marble, you’d better get softer brush heads. While cleaning the rough areas, such as the tile floors, you will need hardy and durable brush heads.

Rotating speed

In general, the faster the rotation speed of the power scrubber brush, the more powerful enough. Faster rotating speed means more effective that allows you to clean most house areas. Here, we recommend you decide the scrubber brush that offers at least 300RPM.

But, there is a point you should note that the rotating speed is not the only factor affecting the power scrubber machine’s effectiveness. The power of the scrubber is also to take into account.

Power source

Almost everyone prefers to use the cordless power scrubber. Compared to the corded models, the electric power scrubbers are portable and easy to use. But, they are limited in battery power, so you have to consider the battery’s use-life of the scrubber brush. As a general rule, the high-end power scrubber common offers a long battery life, which ensures it won’t quit halfway through your cleaning works.


Power scrubber brushes are commonly used in damp environments, such as the bathroom, bathtub, toilet, kitchen sink. With that in mind, water resistance is an important factor you should consider. A power scrubber with waterproof IPX7 means that the machine can work in up to three feet of water for around 30 minutes. The IPX6, IPX5, or lower means water-resistant or even only splash-proof.

Ease of use

Believe that no one likes to hold a power scrubber drill for long-time cleaning tasks. On the contrary, everyone would like to use the portable scrubber brush. So, if you want to reach distant places or corners when cleaning, you should choose a power scrubber with a long handle or a free extended handle.

Best cordless power scrubber brush

Tilswall cordless spin scrubber with 4 multipurpose brush heads. The powerful, 4000mAh recharge battery increases speed up to 300RPM. It is tiring to keep scrubbing to clean the tub, tile, or floor, especially the corner part.

best power scrubber

The Tilswall electric spin scrubber could help you do the work easier. After surveying the functions of many spin scrubbers, spend awhile checking through some important information to make you decide.

It with an adjustable long extension handle for the tub, tile, wall, bathroom. You can quickly change the scrubber length from 27.6 inches to 43.3 inches by pressing the side release button. Suitable for the tub, tile, floor, glass window, car, door, etc.

Final thought

There's no doubt, the power scrubber brushes are helpful, whether you are using them to buff away grime and mildew on the kitchen skins or scrubbing out the grout between bath tiles. If you are looking for the best scrub brush to keep your bathroom like the news, getting a power scrubber is affordable.