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35mm Concealed Door Hinge Jig

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【Premium Aluminum Alloy Material】The 35mm concealed hinge jig is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, This is a set of guide tools for installing concealed hinges very accurate
【Adjustable Double Cleat Design】Adjustable double clamping plate for accurate positioning, clamping 15-25mm thickness of wood panels, convenient for fast multi-angle drilling, and installation of cabinet door hinges
【Focus On Practicality】Suitable for most 35mm cabinet hinge jig clamps, with an adjustable opening depth of 10-15mm and adjustable drilling edge distance of 3-7mm
【Upgrade Three Bearing Drill Sleeve】Upper, middle, and lower 3 bearing drill sleeve, the total height of drill sleeve 2cm, the small swinging amplitude of drill bit for accurate hole opening
【Perfect Choice】Easy to use with any drill, you don't have to be a well-equipped woodworker to install these hinges. Perfect for any handyman who needs hinges made