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3-in-1 Soil Meter Digital Plant Temperature/Soil/PH Meter

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  • Durable Construction: Made from wear-resistant PC and ABS materials, our PH temperature humidity meter offers high precision and can detect pH levels, environmental temperature, and humidity in soil, making it for assessing green plants, lawns, and more.
  • Enhanced Detection Efficiency: Our planting soil tester features dual high-sensitivity probes, empowering you with faster and more precise detection capabilities.
  • Digital LCD Display with Backlight: The soil thermometer features a digital LCD display that supports multi-screen display. With the backlight for enhanced visibility, you can easily read pH values and temperature readings.
  • PH, Temperature, and Humidity Testing: The pH balance of the soil directly affects plant growth. Our soil tester allows you to monitor the acidity and alkalinity levels anytime, anywhere. It also offers temperature and humidity testing, enabling you to create optimal greenhouse conditions effortlessly.
  • Multi-functional Design: It automatically shuts off after 30 seconds of inactivity, saving energy. Widely applicable, it is suitable for indoor potted plants, green plants, greenhouses, lawns, gardens, farmland, and classroom experiments.