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Tilswall Paint Sprayer, 550W HVLP Spray Gun with 1300m Container

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Original price
$9.99 - $45.99
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Style: Spray Gun+ 1 Container


Only available for delivery in Canada

Tilswall paint sprayer gun provides excellent atomization effect and accuracy to support smooth and superior painting results. The lightweight design lets you spraying longer without fatigue. Suitable for home use, you can use the electric paint sprayer for walls, cabinets, cars, fences, etc.

  • Adjustable Flow Control
  • With 1300ml detachable container
  • 3 spray patterns and equipped with 3 size nozzles

Tilswall electric paint sprayer

Electric Paint Sprayer Gun 

Tilswall electric paint sprayer gun can be adjusted to 3 different spray patterns: horizontal, vertical, circular. It has 3 size nozzles: 1.00 mm, 1.8 mm, and 2.6 mm. 1.00 mm is great for thin paints like sealers and varnish; 1.8 mm is ideal for spraying latex paint, chalk-type paint and milk-type paint; 2.6 mm is perfect for low-viscosity primer and wall paint.

Adjustable Flow Control

The flow current can be adjusted by the knob on the trigger to achieve the coating speed(0-1200 m/min) and project size. Then you can spray the coating accurately and evenly without brush marks. It has an air pressure control from 0 to 1200 ml/min. You can vary the strength of the sprayer used to release the paint to get the job done quickly.

9.84ft cable & 120 din/s

The 9.84ft/3m cable allows you to move around easily. 120din/s supports high viscosity and avoids muzzle splash, even with emulsion paints.

Easy to use and clean

Tilswall electric paint sprayer use detachable design. All parts of the paint gun can be detachable. It is very easy to assemble when you want to start to paint. After you finish work, you also can easy to clean machine, just remove container to wash.
steps for using an electric paint sprayer


1. Before using, please choose proper copper nozzle, spray patterns. Check if you have tightened up the container and paint tube. In addition, we recommend that you test on cardboard or wooden boards before spraying important items, such as walls or furniture.

2. Please add some water (or paint thinner) to dilute the paint and stir to ensure that your paint passes smoothly through the viscosity cup within 100 seconds and meets your requirements.

3. After finishing spraying, put the corresponding thinner in the container, then install the container on the product, and perform a similar operation as spraying to properly clean the container. The purpose is to clean the remaining paint in the containers, pipes and nozzles). Then remove the container and clean.

uses of electric paint sprayers


Wide Application

1. For chair, table, shutter, cabinets, wooden artwork, DIY etc.

2. Steel and iron products

3. For car, bicycle, model, railings, heating pipes, window frames, boats, garage doors, metal garden fences etc.

4. For internal wall, external walls, outdoor floors etc.

5. For yard furniture, wooden garden fences, wooden pile, corridor etc.