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Clean Your Toilet with an Electric Cleaning Brush(step by Step)

Cleaning up your bathroom is essential for maintaining hygiene. Not a simple spray of cleaning fluid or a stroke of a brush, you need valuable tips to clean your toilet. An electric cleaning brush can be your helping hand to get a shining and germ-free bathroom.

But, a clean toilet may also have bacteria present around it. Regular cleaning is a must that may consume your precious time. Not anymore, electric cleaning brushes have the answer. To do the same, you need to read the entire blog.

Things you need to clean your toilet

To clean your toilet, you need a few things to start.

Electric cleaning brush

Tilswall electric cleaning brush will help you get under the bowl lip to scrub out the grime you usually can't see. Additionally, the brushes can cover a wide area, which won't take much time to drop the dirt from the display. The ergonomic design and the spin head will ensure superfast cleaning. The brush's long handle allows you a superior grip while cleaning your toilet. It is the best power scrubber you can use for your bathroom.

clean the toilet with a cleaning brush


You need to reduce the water level to ensure the toilet bowl gets clean. It allows the disinfectant to remain undiluted. You can pour a half-gallon of water to move the stagnant water. It will trigger the entire flush action.

Bowl cleaner

You can include a bowl cleaner made for the toilet bowls. It will do all the major work to remove hard-water build-up and bacteria. You may use some bleach or any other disinfectant. Make sure you have diluted the same before applying it to the bowl. Otherwise, it may react with bowl material.

Surface disinfectant

Besides cleaning up your toilet, you should clean the part outside the bowl along with the tank and toilet seat. Don't forget to disinfect the scrubbers of the electric cleaning brush after using it. You can clean the scrubbers with a diluted disinfectant along with lukewarm hot water.

things to clean your toilet

Rubber gloves

A pair of rubber gloves is necessary while cleaning your toilet. This will protect your hand from getting immediate contact with germs and disinfectants as well. However, wash your hands thoroughly after pulling out the gloves.

A step-by-step guide to clean your toilet

You may ask, what's the most effective way to sanitize a toilet? We have prepared a list of steps to help you get the most effective cleaning.

Step 1 – Spread the cleaner inside the interiors

A cleaner will work perfectly if it covers its standing time. It helps to kill the bacteria along with removing stains. You can use a cleaner, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide mixture to achieve great results. Now, pour the cleaner around the rim and top of the bowl interiors. It allows the same to drip down to the bottom.

Step 2 – Wipe the seat lid with a disinfectant

Either you can use a homemade cleaning solution or use a store-bought disinfectant. Homemade cleaning solutions like vodka, alcohol, or white distilled vinegar are safe and eco-friendly.
  • Pour the disinfectant on a sprayer.
  • Spray the same on top and bottom of the seat.
  • Leave it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Use the electric cleaning brush to wipe over the surface with pressure.

Step 3 – Scrub the tank exterior

An electric spin scrubber will do the cleaning magic on the bowl interiors, but you need to pay attention to the exterior and tank.
  • Wet your tank and bowl exteriors with water.
  • Dip the electric spin scrubber in the solution and begin the cleaning.
  • Rinse the scrubber and re-dip as per requirement.
  • Finish the process by splashing the tank, which will help rinse the cleaner.

Step 4 – Wash away bowl interiors

Dampen the electric toilet cleaner before you begin. Now, start with the rim, then work through the way to the bottom. Rinse the scrubber until the stains fade away. Lastly, finish the same by pouring water around the toilet interiors. Now, pull the flush to complete the toilet cleaning.

toilet cleaning brush

Helpful Tips to keep your toilet clean while maintaining hygiene

  1. Pour disinfectant or toilet cleaner throughout your toilet overnight to get the best results.
  2. Take some hot water and splash the exteriors after you shower every time. It helps to dissolve/remove the dirt before it can harden.
  3. Clean the electric toilet scrubber with warm water after every wash. It will help remove the dirt, followed by killing the germs.
  4. It would help if you cleaned your toilet often, as it is filled with germs. Thus, it should be cleaned once or twice a week based on the usage.
  5. Make sure you are cleaning the handles. It is the prime area for germs. You can spray some disinfectant spray on the handle every time you clean the handle.
  6. Avoid carpets in your bathroom. It may look good, but it can produce germs on your toilet, especially when it is wet. Instead, you can get a bathmat around the bathroom.

Final Words

Did you catch the ultimate goal? It is all related to keeping your toilet clean and fresh all the time so that the germs' proliferation can be stopped.

Tilswall electric cleaning brush will help you serve the cleaning purpose. If you are looking for the best power scrubber, visit our website right now.

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