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The Best Metal Detector for Kids to Buy

There is nothing like treasure hunting that can instill exciting sense, especially for a young child. If you plan to hunt for gold and coins on the beach or park, taking your kids together might be a great idea that enables keep your children busy outdoors for a long time. So invest a metal detector for kids is rewarding.

However, how much should you spend on a kid metal detector? Indeed, many junior metal detectors for teenagers are less than $100. They are lightweight and easy to use for children between 10-12 years old. And they can provide great detection performance.

There is various kids' metal detector for sale in the market. You might be overwhelmed by much more choices. You must be wondering what the best metal detector is for a child? This complete guide aims to help you make the right decision to choose the best value child metal detector for the money.

How to choose the best metal detector for kids

There are various kid metal detector brands. They provide different products with different prices and performance. Yet you must be confused about the best metal detecting for kids? With that in mind, this guide will list a few important factors that you should consider when buying a metal detector for your kids.

Ahead to dive into what factors you should pay attention to, you need to note is that there are toys and real metal detectors for kids. These are two different metal detectors. This article only discusses the real metal detectors that can find metal buried underground. Next, we are learning tips to help you choose a good metal detector for kids.

Age of child

Each age buckets, the kids’ levels of skill are different. With that in mind, you should consider choosing a metal detector that is very easy to use for your child. If your kids have never used a metal detector before, it would be better to choose one friendly metal detecting machine for a child to use for the first time. If your children are 10-12 years old, a metal detector with more advanced technology is better.

Length and weight

It would be better to choose a kid metal detector that is light enough for a child to use, rang in 1.5-4 lbs are ideal. Don’t choose an over three-pound machine for children under 10 years old. It will make them feel tired to hand-hold a decent period. But for teenagers can be easy to hand-hold a metal detector weight 4 lbs, or even more.

Moreover, if your children vary significantly in height, you want to share the metal detector with them. Then it would be best if you buy a metal detector with an adjustable length telescoping arm. Most metal detectors can be adjustable between 30”-60” in length.

best kids metal detector

Ease to use

As a general rule, we recommend choosing a metal detector for kids that is very easy to use even without parents’ help. If your children are very young, only 4-5 years old, a metal detector feature with disc mode may not suit them. You’d better buy a hands-on science toy for them, like the national geographic junior metal detector. But for an older child, this feature can help your kids detect the metal quickly that they need to find.


Avoid choosing a cheap plastic metal detector for kids, they not only use this machine for their direct purpose, but they might also be dragging around, dropping it on the stone surface, or place into the waterproof. So, buy a waterproof metal detector for the child and a durability model. 


You may consider the metal detector price if you don’t have enough budget or you don’t plan to invest too much money in it. Luckily, most metal detectors for kids are under $100. They are cheaper than professional metal detectors and provide lots of great features.

What is the best metal detector for a child?

Believe that everyone wants to know what the best metal detector in the world is? Indeed, it depends on the place you are hunting and what you want to find with a metal detector. A high-end machine means high quality, but the price is often high. On the contrary, the junior metal detectors are cheap but only have little functions or even just a toy. The best metal detectors for kids should detect metal real and fit your budget.

How much does a kid metal detector cost?

For kids with a few basic functions, some junior metal detectors often cost under $50, such as the national geographic junior metal detector and bounty hunter junior metal detector. They are only hands-on science toys. However, some models provide more advanced technology. You may spend about $100 or even more.

Best metal detector for kids

Here we recommend a good metal detector for teenager use, the Tilswall metal detector. It is the best value children' metal detector to buy. It is not only suited for yourself to use, but also perfect for your children. The metal detector is more comfortable to hold than many others, which is with ergonomic design handle, allow you adjustable stem extending from 35’’ to 45’’, and it weighs 2.35 pounds only. It's the best suit for kids and adults.

kids metal detector

In addition, it has a 10’’ waterproof search coil, so you can safely use it on the beach and land and even detect it underwater. The DISC modes help you distinguish different metals, and we’ll give you a pair of headphones and a small foldable shovel. Connect the headphones to the audio jack on Tilswall metal detector. When the detector identifies each metal will emit different sounds and display them on the LCD screen to accurately and conveniently detect objects you want.

Final thoughts

Spend a long time outdoors instead of playing with a smartphone. Metal detecting is a great activity for kids. So buy a metal detector for your children to hunt the lost coins in your backyard or find gold or jewelry on the beach.

This guide has recommended one metal detector, which is the easiest to use for teenagers, and we hope you know how to choose the best metal detector for a child after reading this article.

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