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How to Clean an Electric Paint Spray Gun?

Many homeowners have a paint sprayer device with which they can easily paint their walls and furniture. At first, you may be wondering how to use an electric paint spray gun.

However, when using your electric paint sprayer, the most important thing you need to remember is how to clean your electric sprayer machine. It's not worth risking health hazards by not cleaning your device properly!

You've been using your electric paint sprayer gun for a while, and it suddenly starts to show rust and corrosion. You don't know how to clean it, but you're afraid of damaging your paint spray gun beyond repair.

Well, you've come to the right place! Keeping your equipment clean is not just a matter of cleanliness. It is about taking care of your equipment for efficiency and performance. Let's find out ways to clean the electric paint spray equipment!

Tools Needed to Clean an Electric Paint Spray Gun

Cleaning your electric paint spray equipment is a good way of extending its life and ensuring it works efficiently. Importantly, the cleaning process can be done easily, but you must be careful. If you're using a gas-powered paint sprayer, a few different tools will help clean your gun easier. A pressure washer is great for removing dried paint and dirt, and wire brushes can help remove old paint from the nozzle and tip.

Here are the tools that you will need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Screwdriver set 
  • Paint thinner or mineral spirits
  • Degreaser
  • Clean cloths

Preparation Before Cleaning

Your first step should be cleaning the compressor and the hose. Remove any dirt or debris from them, and then blow out any dust particles or other debris inside the compressor with an air hose. This will help prevent any debris from being blown into your paint sprayer.

Disassemble Your Paint Spray Gun

Once you have finished cleaning your compressor and hose, disassemble your paint spray gun. Remove all parts, including the nozzles, filters, and needles. Clean each component thoroughly using hot water and soap to remove any residual oil or grease that may be present on these parts. Inspect each part for wear or damage before reassembling it back into your paint sprayer.

How to Clean a Paint Sprayer? Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Tilswall Paint Electric Spray Gun

There are so many electric guns available in the market.Tilswall paint electric spray gun should be your top-notch choice, making your paint spraying a smooth job anywhere. However, cleaning your Tilswall paint sprayer is an important part of the painting process. If you don't clean your sprayer, you could have a clogged nozzle and poor paint quality.

Tilswall Paint Electric Spray Gun

Here's how to clean your electric paint sprayer:

  1. Use a degreasing agent to wipe down the gun's parts. Ensure that the degreaser is safe for use on plastic surfaces and won't harm any rubber or plastic parts of your sprayer.
  1. Use compressed air to blow out any remaining particles inside the gun body, hose, and tip. This will help ensure that there's nothing left behind that can clog up your sprayer later in your project.
  1. Use hot water and soap to clean out any remaining dirt or debris from inside and around these areas, like on top of the trigger.
  1. After all this cleaning, let everything dry completely before putting it back together, so no moisture remains inside the gun or on its exterior surfaces, or else this will cause rust.

Safety Tips for Cleaning Electric Paint Spray Guns

Electric paint sprayer guns are a great way to save time when painting your home. They can also be used to apply paint to a variety of other surfaces and materials, including metal and plastic. However, they require regular cleaning to ensure they work properly and last longer.

Cleaning an electric paint spray gun is simple, but it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Follow these tips to clean your spray gun safely:

Don't use water or other liquids to clean your spray gun. The water may damage the seals and other parts of the gun, causing them to leak.

Don't use abrasive cleaners or brushes on any part of your paint sprayer. This includes brushes, sponges, and cloths with loose fibers that might get into the gun's inner mechanisms, causing damage or clogging of filters and nozzles.

Never put anything inside the paint sprayer's air intake or exhaust port while it's running, especially if it has been running for an extended time! The hot air from these ports can instantly burn anything it touches!

You can use a commercial detergent or cleaning agent designed specifically for this purpose. This should be available at your local home improvement store and will come with instructions on how much to use and how long to let it sit before rinsing off with water.

Final Thoughts

Paint sprayers come with cleaning instructions, but mostly they require their specialized solvent to clean the gun. Ask your paint distributor for the right solvent for your exact setup.

First and foremost, you must remember that this device, or any other sophisticated tool, is a precision piece of machinery. That being said, it's not that difficult to clean an electric paint spray gun, but you must treat it properly.

If you aren't careful when disassembling it and removing parts from the unit, you risk damaging some of the mechanisms and sensors. Specially-made spray guns like this can't withstand abuse or rough treatment.

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