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What Are the Reasons for Buying a Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber?

Do you want an effective daily cleaning solution to save your precious time? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. This blog has all the answers you are seeking for.
Tilswall has designed an innovative 360 spin scrubber. It is perfect for women who do not have time to clean their homes because of their busy schedules.
Before you use it, let us provide you with a clear idea about the Tilswall electric spin scrubber.

What is an electric spin scrubber?

Electric power scrubber with rotating brush and extension handle.
It has four multipurpose brush heads and a powerful battery. You can clean up the furniture, floors, patio tiles, cars, and other indoor surfaces. It is a perfect companion for your regular cleaning purpose.
uses of an electric spin scrubber

Why should you choose Tilswall electric spin scrubber?

In these busy and hectic schedules, you get any time to clean your household. Yes, we agree that you want to keep your home neat and clean from dirt and pollutants. However, time plays the role of demon here. No issues, we have the problem solver ready for you. Here are the reasons why you should decide the Tilswall electric spin scrubber.

Long battery life

It has long battery life to offer you a seamless and effective cleaning all the time.

Ergonomic design

The cleaning brush head can rotate 360. You don't need to bend down for a long time. It can keep you away from back pain and sore hands.

Four brush heads

It has four revolutionary brush heads that will clean your space like a professional. These brush heads have the best brush spikes for greatest cleaning.

Four types of brush heads can meet your different cleaning needs. They can clean your doors, walls, tiles, hard floors, windows, glass, furniture, pools and more.
4 brush heads

Reaching the inaccessible areas

We know how much you feel irritated while reaching out to the secluded areas of your home. Besides, it is pain-stacking to do the same. It will help you clean to prevent further accumulation of dirt, mold, and grease.

Saves your precious time

It will meet almost all your cleaning needs. You can cover more areas with clean and effective cleaning that is less tiring. Suppose you want to clean your carpet and have very little time to do it. We have the problem-solving method ready for you.

Forget about those days when you spent 2-3 hours cleaning your space. With a Tillswall electric spin scrubber, you won't have to clean the kitchen/bathroom for 2-3 hours. Turn on the unit and clean your space with its aid.
advantages of electric cleaning brush

How to operate a Tilswall electric spin scrubber?

  1. You need to set up the unit first. Here is how you will do it.
  2. Join the main handle with the extension handle until you hear the “Click” sound.
  3. Now, join the scrubber head assembly with the extension until you hear the “click” sound.
  4. You can hold the selected scrubber head with one hand and push the rubber chosen head until it gets secured.
  5. Now, add water and cleaning solution where you want to clean.
  6. Turn the switch on.
  7. Hold the unit and press the scrubber head to the desired cleaning area. Make sure you are not pushing it too hard.
  8. Once your cleaning is done, turn off the switch.
  9. Ensure the spin scrubber is dry and stored in a safe area.

Cleaning instructions

  • Clean the unit with a soft cloth.
  • Make sure you are using a mild detergent to clean the unit. Do not use any alcohol-based cleaners.
  • Let the unit dry by separating all the parts.

How to charge an electric spin scrubber?

Place the charging adapter inside the charging port on the bottom of the same unit. You should charge the device to the greatest for the first time.
The unit may get warm during charging. Close the cover once the charge is complete.


Is the scrubber powerful for deep cleaning?

Yes, it is. You can use our product according to your cleaning need.

Can I use this in my bathroom to get rid of mold?

Yes, you can. Our product has powerful brushes to clean the surface. You can use them to clean your bathroom mold.

Is the spin scrubber powerful enough to clean the stains from a rock tile floor?

Yes, it would be an excellent helping hand to clean the greases from the rock tile floor.

How long will the brush head last?

The duration of active brush working depends on the usage. Tilswall electric cleaning brushes are well-manufactured for giving you superior performance.
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