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Thermal Camera for Smartphone 160x120 IR/25HZ Infrared Thermal Imager

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Using the most advanced image processing algorithm, provides clear, ultra-sharp images, enhances your visual experience, and helps users detect and identify targets in complete darkness and difficult terrain


Wider Temperature Measurement Range

With an enhanced testing range of -4℉ to 1022℉ (-20℃ to 550℃), this thermal camera can perform temperature readings accurate within ±3.6℉/±2%.Area Measurement: Select an area to view the lowest, highest and average temperatures

High Definition Thermal Imager

High definition thermal vision with 160x120 thermal sensor and 720x1080p output resolution. The Type-c connector can be connected to any screen or video input. Compatible with Android phones/tablets and Windows laptops (not for iOS)

25HZ+Automatic Tracking

The thermal imaging camera has the ability to lock on to a point in the frame, whether that’s an object, with Quick Track, or the hottest point in view, with Heat track. While the camera tracks, you can set the isotherm controls and view them in real time

6 Color Palettes

Adjust the colors applied to the thermal data based on the needs of specific scenarios.The Temp Alarm feature works to keep you in the know, with an instant alert notification when any object in view exceeds a pre-set temperature threshold

Take Photos, Video Recording

Take videos on site and create more detailed reports for clients and managemen, Can be used in various applications including automotive, outdoor hunting, industrial inspections, security, fire & ghost detection etc. See pedestrians, animals, vehicles beyond your visible light