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200W & 15,000 OPM

Efficiency Is Up To Motor! 200W fine copper motor runs at 15,000 orbits per minute with low resistance, 1.6 mm working pendulum diameter creates more even and larger sanding area.

12Pcs Sandpaper

12pcs sandpaper (6*80 Grits & 6*120 Grits) for fine and rough sanding according to your requirements. Velcro-type Fastening System makes it fast change of sandpaper. Suitable for sanding and polishing wood and coatings.

Better Dust Collection System

Reduce Dust Explosion! Built-in zinc-aluminum vacuum fan blades, 140*140*100 mm sanding pad is visibly suck up any debris and dust left behind from your sanding job into the collection box to keep your workshop cleaner. A clear box allows you to see if it is full. Please regularly empty the dust in collection box during prolonged use. Available to connect Φ35mm vacuum cleaner for dust collection.

Compact & Ergonomic

1.15kg weight makes it easy to sand any surface, even for extended periods of time. All-inclusive soft rubber handle reduces the fatigue caused by the vibration of the sander, elliptical design can perfectly fit the palm of your hand and provides greater softgrip control. The Teardrop shaped base allows an excellent accessibility in tight spaces.

Tips For Use

Always Read The Guidelines Booklet That Comes With The Tool. This Mouse Detail Sander is small but powerful, avoid applying too much pressure to the pad as this may cause the sander to sand deeper than it’s required. Also, too much pressure may damage the pad and the material. Wear protective goggles when sanding.

Note: It is mainly manufactured to comply with EU standards. Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any specific requirements or inquiries.