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Laser Measurement Tool with Angle Finder

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$129.99 - $179.99
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Style: 328Ft/100M

Laser Measure with Camera, 328/492/656ft Laser Measurement Tool with Angle Finder, Indoor Outdoor Long Distance Laser Measuring Device with Electronic Horizontal Calibration



  • This laser measurement tool features a camera with 300,000 pixels and an LCD screen with a resolution of 320*240 pixels (totaling 100,000 pixels). In bright sunlight, the red laser beam can be challenging to see with the naked eye. However, you can easily locate the target using the camera and the red dot on the LCD screen.
  • High-precision laser measuring device for accurate distance measurements. Achieves up to +/-2mm accuracy with a 1mm resolution. Laser output: 505~670nm, less than 1mW, Class I laser for safety. Perfect for a variety of applications, ensuring precise measurements every time.
  • This outdoor distance measuring tool features electronic horizontal calibration and a real-time angle sensor, simplifying observation and auxiliary measurements. Its versatility extends to leveling equipment, vehicles, cranes, excavators, dump trucks, as well as household tasks like refrigerator and furniture leveling.
  • Effortlessly switch between M/FT/IN/ft-in units, with a convenient recall function for reviewing and calculating up to 30 data records. The portable, pocket-sized design features a non-slip surface, and the device automatically shuts down after 180s to conserve power.
  • This laser measure, with its versatility, seamlessly calculates area, volume, and distance. It's ideal for covering expansive spaces in home decoration, apartments, buildings, real estate, factories, warehouses, construction, and industries.
Laser Measuring Device
Laser Measuring Device
Laser Measuring Device