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High Accuracy Water Quality Detector Monitor for Domestic Water

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  • Hydrogen-rich Detector: The water quality detector is used to detect water temperature and H2 hydrogen content, so that you can understand the health of water quality.
  • Quick Detection: The water pH meter adopts a high-sensitivity glass probe, which can quickly detect the data of water, provide you with instant results.
  • Mobile APP Intelligent Control: The water quality testing instrument can synchronize the values to the mobile APP, and automatically store the data.


Highly Sensitive Electrode Head

The water quality detector adopts a highly sensitive electrode and probe plug-in design, which can be disassembled and replaced. Put the probe in the water and the pH Meter will show accurate results within seconds

Automatic Storage

The value display of the water PH meter can be synchronized with the mobile phone and the data can be automatically stored. There is no need to frequently operate the pH meter to check the data

Easy to Carry

The water quality detector is small in size and light in weight, which can be put in your pocket to measure water quality anytime, anywhere, and has a hangings hole on the back, which can be hung up

Wide Range of Applications

The water quality detector specializes in measuring H2 and temperature, and is widely used in drinking water testing, electrolyzed water machines, hydrogen-rich water cups, hydrogen-rich kettles, etc


H₂ range: 0-2990ppb; 0.00-2.9ppm
TEMP range: 0.1℃-60.0℃; 32.1℉-140.0℉
ATC: 0.1℃-60℃
RH:max 90%
Waterproof grade: IP67