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Digital Car Coating Thickness Gauge Tester

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$99.99 - $109.99
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Style: Standard
  • High Precision Probe- Uses Principles of Electro-magnetic Induction(F-probe)and The Eddy Current Effect(N-probe), The Paint Thickness Gauge Meter Automatically Detects The Attribute of Substrates,with ZERO reset key/CAL calibration key for greater accuracy of the device.
  • Accuracy & Reliability- Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Measuring Range 0-1500um, 0~59.1mil , Accuracy ± (3% + 2um) , Resolution 0.1um / 0.01mil . The Minimum: Curvature Radius 5mm, Concave Radius as 25mm , Area (Diameter): 6mm
  • Large LCD Display with Backlight - The coating thickness gauge CM-205 FN is equipped with a large display with ice-backlight and high definition data display. All values are in large print, which improves the user experience and usability of the device.
  • Coating Thickness Gauge - Two units Available: mm/mil.Two measurement modes: single point measurement /fast continuous measurement.High/Low Alarm Function,and you can set any alarm thickness value.MAX/MIN Value.Auto Power Off without any operation within 10 minutes.