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860W Energetic Workhorse

Tilswall angle grinder works like an energetic horse. 860W motor produces a no-load speed of 12,000 RPM to increase up to 45% torque for harsh grinding & cutting jobs in a more compact size.

2 Grinding & 3 Cutting Wheels

Tool+ 3 Cutting Wheels+ 2 Grinding Wheels + 2 Protective Guards+ 1 Wrench. Except for 2 different designed protective guards, Tilswall also goes extra two grinding wheels and three cutting wheels (3 mm thicker, to ensure a longer life span as consumables). 5/8”-11 spindle thread accepts common 125 mm popular attachments.

Quick-Change System

All-Metal Gearbox! By the innovation of the Quick-Change wheel system, the tool-free quick-positioning guard is made for fast-changing over from cutting to grinding. 2 PROTECTIVE GUARDS FOR TILSWALL: 1guard for cutting & 1 for grinding, included for safety protection from a different angle during operation.

Better Control & Safety Design

Lock Switch During Operation for longer projects without experiencing fatigue. The two-position side handle is barrel-style with an additional front grip to reduce vibration in operation for better control. The innovative vent design helps keep away dust and debris to improve its excellent performance.

Durability& Compact

Power Never Die For Corded. Made for high-impact Polyamide plus glass fiber reinforced housing, it weighs 1.5 kg, which is very easy to maneuver for any project. Ideal for metalworkers, vehicle fabricators, plumbers, and other professionals.

Note: It is mainly manufactured to comply with EU standards. Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any specific requirements or inquiries.