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5-in-1 pH Meter with Bluetooth

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Professional measurement of PH/TDS/EC/Salinity/TEMP (℃/℉), suitable for home drinking water, hydroponics, laboratory, aquarium and more.


Cloud Based Data Management System

Precision real-time Bluetooth data transmission, the measurement value is clear, and it allows you to save, manage, and share your test data easily, and you don’t have to worry about data loss

Automatic Calibration pH Tester

With highly sensitive glass probe, you can get a full measurement range of 0-14pH, 0.01 pH resolution. Compared with other pH meters with pH 3-point calibration method, our pH meter has a 5-point calibration method and equipped with a calibration powder (pH 4.00, pH 6.86, pH 9.18, and pH 7.00, pH10.01). You can calibrate effortlessly to ensure the accuracy of your measurements

Comprehensive Information Display

Simply immerse the pH meter electrode in the solution to be tested, readings are quickly displayed on a large LCD display. Through a mobile phone application, you also have a multi-parameter display at the same time

Easy to Use

Digital pH meter with fully customizable parameter settings. Through a mobile phone application, you can set the upper and lower limits of PH, which can be set according to your needs. When the value you set exceeds the test range, the application interface will display a red value abnormally, notifying you of any values exceeding your preset range

Wide Applications

This meter can measure TDS, EC, and pH in fresh water situations, and can measure Salinity % and Salinity ppm in saltwater situations, such as saltwater pools, spas and aquariums. It can also be used to measure drinking water, RO System, spa, soap mixtures, food, wine, beer or any other liquids