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Tilswall 13Pcs Airless Paint Sprayer Tips with Spray Gun Filters/Guard Replace

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$32.99 - $36.99
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Style: Nozzle Set

Adopting quality stainless steel material, our reversible airless tips are quality and not easy to break or deform, can support your multiple uses and serve you for a long time.

You can send these spray tips to those people who love painting, such as your friends, classmates, colleagues, relatives, neighbors, and family members, shocking them with something truly practical.

Broadly Compatible

There are 6 models of spray paint tips, namely 211, 313, 417, 515, 517, 523, corresponding spray paint nozzle diameters are 0.011in, 0.015in, 0.017in, 0.015in, 0.017in, 0.023in, and the tips for sprayer range is 4- 12in / 10-30cm, spraying angle 20-50°

Rugged and Leak Proofed

The spray tips for airless sprayer are made of 304 stainless steel handle and tungsten carbide hole, which is stable and reliable and not easily damaged, and the airless sprayer tips seal is made of stainless steel head gasket and nylon. The paint gun filter mesh is uniform and crush-proof

Quick Installation and Clearing

The spray gun tip can be installed in seconds without any tools. First, insert the airless spray gun nozzle seal into the protective seat, then insert the nozzle into the protective seat, twist and lock, ready to use your airless paint spray gun for house painting

New Design

The airless paint spray gun nozzle has a reverse airless cleaning switch nozzle design, which can quickly clean the paint sprayer parts nozzle in the reverse position and prevent the airless spray tip from clogging, making it practical and effective for your work and giving you a long working life


These multi-model paint sprayer accessories are must-have paint sprayer parts for spray painters and decorators.The airless paint sprayer gun nozzle can be used on furniture trim, paint, and industrial fine paint, making it easier to prepare surfaces, paint, and other coatings and clean up after application