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How to Deep Clean a Toaster?

A fresh and crunchy pair of toast could be your daily breakfast routine, but it needs to be maintained regularly to ensure efficiency. A daily dusting and weekly deep cleaning make your toaster crumb-free and give you a burnt-free toast. 

It is essential to cleanse the toaster deeply for sustaining its durability. This article will provide you with in-depth knowledge about what you need to know about toaster cleansing methods and their benefits. Deep cleaning should be your priority if you use your toaster regularly. 


Tools and Materials to Clean the Toaster 

Equipment is required to clean your toaster. Suppose you have a pop-up toaster, you need some brushes and clothes. Whereas, if you have a tray-based oven, you need some more things for cleaning. Here are some of the lists that are important to cleanse it deeply.

  • Trash can
  • Sink to dispose
  • Hairy brush
  • M4 electric cleaning brush 
  • Sponge or cloths 
  • Microfiber cloth 
  • Lukewarm water 
  • Dishwasher gel or mild soap
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar 

The materials mentioned above and tools are highly required to clean the toaster deeply. However, it is necessary to use it. Each toaster has a different mechanism. Therefore, it is your crucial duty to go through the user manual offered by the company before cleaning it. 

Methods of Cleaning

If you have a POP-UP TOASTER, then you may follow the underneath methods.

1. Unplug Your Toaster and Turn It Cool Completely Before Cleansing

Do not cleanse your toaster immediately after use. Unplug it and allow until it gets cooled completely. To avoid unprecedented circumstances like firing, electric shock, or burning, you must follow overhead rules. 

2. Shake the Toaster to Remove Extra Crumbs 

After it cools down completely. Firstly, you can shake the toaster into a sink to take out all dry crumbs. It helps to clean it the more intelligent way. 

3. Make the Cleaning Solution Beforehand

While your toaster is cooling down, prepare a diluted solution with mild soap and water. You may add one teaspoon of white vinegar and a pinch of baking soda for extra brownie points. 

4. Broom the Excess Crumbs from The Top Surface

Finish up all the dry dusting before you use the solution. Broom the excess bread crumbs from the top surface of your toaster.

5. Scrub it with an electric cleaning brush 

The Tilswall M4 short handled electric cleaning brush contains a powerful motor. It helps to remove the stubborn stains effectively. It is small and light, with a LED indicator to show its remaining battery life. If your toaster contains any stains, this electric spin scrubber will help to remove the same. It can submerge up to a meter of fresh water. 

M4 electric cleaning brush

6. Clean the Outer Skin of The Toaster 

Dip a sponge into your cleaning solution and softly clean the outer surface of the toaster for getting an extra mirror glass effect. 

7. Cleanse the Tray That Laid Underneath 

Remove your toasters beneath the tray, rub them with a solution, and rinse them thoroughly.  

8. Reassemble It Again

You are about to reach the final part, where you need to reassemble your toaster. However, make sure you dry it up before operating it again.

If you are using an OVEN BASED TOASTER, then all the methods are given below-

  • Unplug the Oven and Let It Cool Completely

If you want error-free and hassle-free usage, then it is essential to unplug your oven toaster beforehand. Allow it to cool, and make sure that the door must be open for faster cooling. 

  • Remove the Iron Plate

Remove the iron plate and clean it with soap water. Allow it to dry up completely before you put it within the oven. 

  • Wipe Out All the Excess Crumbs 

Wipe out excess crumbs with a soft brush or cloth.

  • Wipe Out Excess Dirt and Dust from Outer and Inner Surface 

Wipe off any excess dirt and dust from the outside and inside the toaster. Do not spay the soap water inside, leading to electrical gadgets. 

  • Clean the Door as Well

Cleaning  the oven door carefully to get an extra mirror glass effect. You may use any other light solution for it. 

  • Reassemble It Again for Use

In the last part, make sure all the soap water you clean correctly. No other water particle is left. Because it is an electrical device, there is a risk of electric shock. 

Benefits of Cleaning 

If you clean the excess dry crumbs every day, then you can keep your toaster from burning. It also helps to increase its lifespan.


With regular deep cleaning of the toaster, you are one step forward to increasing the longevity of your toaster. With the steps above, the task may be easier for you now. Additionally, an electric spin scrubber will work like a magic wand. Start using it and feel the difference. 

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