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Multi-Function Portable Folding Level Tool

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  • 【Powerful 28-Inch Foldable Level】Foldable level with its hinged design allows you to fold it to any angle to bypass obstacles such as pipes, stairs and corners. You can mark both walls at the same time when folded in the middle. Fast and accurate level measurement can save you valuable time
  • 【Premium Bubble Level Up】The multi-function foldable level is built using aluminum alloy surface oxidation treatment and ABS. High temperature and corrosion resistance, it is sturdy and not easily deformed. The interface of the new product will be tighter in use, with more use, the product will be used more smoothly.
  • 【Craftsman Level】This nivel flexible measuring tool is used to detect the level and verticality of objects. It is suitable for measuring work in home, engineering, construction, decoration, carpentry and other fields, which can meet your various measuring needs. Place the level tool directly on the surface of the object, and determine whether the object is at an angle of 180°, 90° or 45° to the ground by observing whether the leveling bubble stays in the middle of the liquid.