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Laser Receiver for Laser Level, 165 ft Working Range

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  • It boasts a dual-sided LCD display, backlight and battery status. Can toggle through the volume and accuracy. While the accuracy mode allows you to switch between HIGH and LOW.
  • Robust and built tough to last, the detector is durably constructed with a hard plastic housing and rubber casing for long-term use, as well as protection against wet weather conditions when working outdoors.


High Accuracy

The laser receiver can receive signals up to 165 ft, allowing the laser signal to be accurately located even at great distances. Our receivers can only be used with laser levels with pulse mode capability for both red and green pulsed lasers.Laser Class: Class 2 (IEC/EN60825-1/2014), <5mW power output

Always in the Right Place

The dual LCD displays on the detector are designed for easy readability from both sides. You can adjust the height until the lines and arrows on the LCD vanish, ensuring a horizontal reference. Additionally, the built-in bubble level assists in maintaining the desired level, guaranteeing precise measurements when they are most important.

Clear Reading

The laser receiver has a wide reception window that effectively captures laser signals, making it convenient to locate and capture laser signals with precision. Additionally, the dual backlight LCD display ensures clear visibility in any lighting condition, enhancing readability.

Precise Beeper Signals

The level laser detector's adjustable beeper provides audible feedback, assisting in quickly identifying the target location and saving time and effort during tasks that require precise alignment or positioning. Powered by 1.5V batteries, the laser receiver offers an impressive working time of about 20 hours.

Ease of Use

With its compact and comfortable grip design, the green laser level receiver is highly portable and easy to handle. It also comes with a convenient clamp holder, which allows you to securely attach it to various surfaces, poles, or tripods. This versatile mounting option provides stability and frees up your hands, ensuring consistent and reliable measurements.