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Coating Thickness Gauge for Car

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  • Measuring principle: Magnetic induction (F-probe) and eddy current (N-probe);
  • Resolution: 0.1um/0.01mils; Measuring range: 0~1700um;
  • Automatic recognition for iron (ferrous) and aluminum (non-ferrous) substrates;
  • Digital LCD display for clear reading;
  • Automatic shutdown function;

Reliable, Accurate & Easy

Professional coating thickness gauge Accuracy and Usability. Resolution: 0.1um/0.01mils; Measuring range: 0~1700um (0~66.93mils); Automatic recognition for iron (ferrous) and aluminum (non-ferrous) substrates; Accuracy: 2± 2%, Measuring units: µm and mil. Data Storage: 30 Group

Customizable Limits with Alarms

Set upper and lower limits to meet your specific requirements. The gauge will alert you with flashing "up" for upper limit breaches and "Dn" for lower limit breaches, accompanied by audible alerts

Professional Accuracy

This Paint Thickness Meter Equipped with a high-precision probe that automatically recognizes substrates, this all-in-one Paint Thickness Gauge eliminates the need for manual substrate switching. It delivers quick and accurate measurements of coating thickness after the beginning of Self-Calibration

Large and Color Display

Featuring a high-definition backlit screen, which can be flipped for easy data viewing from various angles, enhancing usability and convenience. The anti-slip texture on both sides of the device ensures a secure grip, and it operates on just two AAA batteries, guaranteeing energy efficiency

Multi Application

This precision instrument swiftly and accurately measures coating or plating thickness on a wide range of metal surfaces. It's ideal for assessing paint thickness on cars, making it a valuable tool for both amateurs and professionals in manufacturing, workshops, paint shops, and the automotive industry