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Brush Heads for M4L Power Scrubber

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5 Multi-Purpose Brush Heads: 

Meeting different home cleaning requirements, hard Flat Brush for large contact areas; 

Comer Round Brush for curved surfaces, 360° all-round cleaning; 

Stiff pad(brown) for rusty metal and grills. Moderate pad(blue) for dishes and glass. Sponge brush for floor and leather shoe surface.

Easy to Install: 

Simply hold the machine head, insert and rotate the scrub heads to lock tightly, and finish within 3 seconds. The installation method perfectly solves the issue that brush heads easily fall.

Uniquely Compatible: 

M4L brush heads are compatible with Tilswall M4L electric spin scrubber and with a unique mounting interface. It is not easy to mix with other cleaning tools. Patent Design & Especially for Tilswall Electric Spin Scrubber.