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Aluminum Grade Rod – Dual Sided Telescopic Leveling Rod

Original price $55.99 - Original price $115.99
Original price
$55.99 - $115.99
Current price $55.99
Style: 3M
  • HIGH QUALITY:This tension rod is constructed from lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, with easy to read for maximum visibility, as well as a special measuring scale on the back for overall height reading.
  • VERSATILE USE:The Aluminum Rod is ideal for leveling with construction laser and optical surveying tools. It can also be used for reading elevation changes on your job sites. It is designed for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • EXTENDABLE: This high quality leveling rod is 3+/-0.05mm thick, and its three adjustable telescopic sections reach up to 3/5/7 meters. Its rectangular shape ensures easy handling as well as flush alignment with flat surfaces.
  • CLEAR MARKINGS. With dual graduations of an engineer’s scale feet/tenths on the front and standard feet/inches on the back, this leveling grade rod conveniently and clearly provides the measurements you need.