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7.5Ah Battery HVLP Cordless Paint Sprayer for Home Interior and Exterior

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$135.99 - $155.99
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Style: 7.5Ah Battery

Choose from two battery specifications: 21V 6.0Ah or 7.5Ah, depending on your desired usage time and specific scenario.


  1. To prevent paint from entering the motor, avoid turning the paint sprayer upside down when it is in a standing position.
  2. When the paint sprayer is spraying upward, ensure you do not release the trigger to prevent the risk of paint flowing back into the motor.


High Power Battery Paint Sprayer

High power motor design to work more efficiently, the maximum spraying amount reaches 1200ml/min, allowing you to get perfect results on surfaces that require accuracy, such as walls/ceilings/bricks/closets

Long Battery Life Cordless Spray Gun

21V 6.0Ah/7.5Ah battery can also let you work for a long time without a socket around, compared to AC power cord, cordless design allows you to have no power cord restrictions

4 Nozzle Sizes & 3 Spraying Methods

The electric paint sprayer can be adjusted to horizontal, vertical, round 3 different spraying modes, and equipped with 4 sizes of nozzles (1.0/1.5/1.8/2.0/2.5mm), making it easier to choose the spraying of different surfaces, and also equipped with 1000ml large container, sealing ring gasket, viscosity measurement funnel, cleaning brush cleaning needle, which can save you a lot of DIY and working time

Wide Range of Applications & Maximum Viscosity

HVLP sprayers' powerful motors and turbofans support maximum viscosities up to 100-DINs and are suitable for most paint types such as latex paints, stains, sealants, polyurethanes, varnishes, varnishes and chalk type paints. Suitable for home improvement and DIY enthusiasts

Adjustable Flow Interior Paint Sprayer

The paint output thickness can be adjusted through the control valve knob on the spraying machine, the flow rate of 0-1200ml/min is steplessly adjusted, and the atomized particles are adjusted 0.2-0.5mm at will, saving your cost on paint by reasonably controlling the paint flow rate, which is a perfect design. Optimal spraying distance: 6"-8"