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30-250V Portable Digital Socket Tester with Color Display

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【Portable Size】The small size of this tool is very convenient for everyday use, you can carry it in your tool bag without taking up too much storage space.
【Large Color Screen】The large screen allows you to read the data more clearly, you can use it even in the dark.
【Protections Function】This tool can be used to detect the polarity of the three-hole power socket wiring, the protections function detection of the leakage switch and quickly and accurately detect the wiring.
【RCD Test】 You should turn off all electrical appliances before using this function. Then you can insert the tester into the socket, and make sure to press the RCD button when the display prompts Correct Wring (pressing time is<3 seconds). Then the normal leakage switch will trip.
【Wide Applications】This tool can be widely used in your home, factory, laboratory and other needed places.